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The Barefoot Dilemma

June 26, 2016

“Let them go barefoot” all the adults say. That’s their memory of childhood summers, running barefoot all summer.  They didn’t grow up in Toronto like I did.  Sure we ran through the sprinkler barefoot, on our own front lawn.  But we didn’t go barefoot in Toronto parks.  The fear of syringes or broken glass made our mothers keep shoes on our feet.

We are not raising our kids in city parks, but I still worry. How is running barefoot worth cutting open the bottom of their feet if they step on something sharp?  In our case it will be stepping on a bee, a stick or stinging nettle, not syringes and broken bottles, but it can still do damage.

Chuck cut the bottom of his foot on a sharp stick last month and I cut the bottom of my foot on a tent peg of all things, but Molly wants to be bare foot all the time. I understand this is parenting.  I think she should wear shoes all the time, but I need to compromise.  Allow her to be barefoot as much as possible but wear shoes when I think it’s appropriate.

So far our kids shoes have been hand me downs we’ve been given. I never saw the point in buying new shoes, they wear them for two months and then the season changes or they grow out of them.   Then we found Keens, or rather they found us.

KEEN offered us free kids UNEEK sandals if we could take product pictures for our Instagram or Twitter account. We looked at their website and thought the shoes looked rather flimsy but they could be good town shoes so we said yes.

Since they arrived two weeks ago the kids have LOVED them and I so have we. While Molly still prefers to be barefoot the only shoes she has worn in two weeks are the KEEN UNEEKs.  We took them on a five day canoe trip and she’s done a few 3 km + hikes in them.  She wore them to outdoor preschool and even to town.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend UNEEK as great outdoor all around sandals.  If only they would send the kids a pair every year!  Check out KEEN’s website here.

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