Sarah & Dwane

January 14, 2016

Dwane Roberge (aka dad) was a wilderness guide in northern Canada for 10 years.  He has canoed and rafted many rivers in the North.  His career started with four summers as a guide leading canoe expeditions on the Thelon River and guiding wilderness and photographic travellers including photographers such as Galen Rowell.  He worked for Great Canadian Eco Ventures at their basecamp on Whitefish Lake at the headwaters of the Thelon River in the western barrenlands. Subsequently he spent his summers guiding and trip leading on the Nahanni, Coppermine, Burnside, Tatshenshini, Alsek, Firth and Coal rivers for Nahanni River Expeditions. Winters were spent guiding expeditions to the wild rivers and barrier reef of Belize, Central America for Island Expeditions.

Dwane’s first love was always the wilderness and he thrives spending time exploring the beautiful landscapes he loves and searching for the wildlife that inhabits that landscape.  His enthusiasm for exploring easily rubs off on anyone who has the pleasure of camping, hiking or travelling with him.  Dwane is a family documentary photographer living on Salt Spring Island, BC while being a stay-at-home dad raising his two amazing kids.  He can be reached at  His photography website is here.

Sarah Carty (aka mum) grew up in Toronto but developed her love of the wilderness and beautiful places when she was a teenager going on canoe trips in Ontario.  She has a Masters of Science from University of British Columbia focusing on Marine Ecology.  This degree lead her to merge her love of camping & marine biology by becoming an interpretive guide on Glovers Reef in Belize and taking teenagers on educational trips in the British Virgin Islands and Australia.  She can be reached at

Sarah and Dwane met in Belize.  Their first date was when Dwane took her up the Sibun River gorge in southern Belize.  It was an amazing trip where they didn’t see another person for five days, drank water right out of the river and swam with crocodiles (small ones).    Subsequent trips together have included rafting the Tatshenshini/Alsek River, paddling on Atlin Lake and circumnavigating Vancouver Island in their 36’ sailboat named “Some Beach Somewhere”.


The kids are Molly 4 years old and Chuck 2.5 years old.  They are physically active kids who are happiest when they are outside exploring.  Molly has been doing longer and more challenging hikes as she gets older.  Chuck is often in the backpack on the more challenging sections but he is learning to enjoy hiking and is very sure & steady of his feet.   The kids thrive when they are outside in nature.  We believe exploring, paddling and hiking will give them a lasting sense of accomplishment that will enrich their lives.

This blog focuses on the ups and downs of getting out kids out into nature.  We are posting regularly on our day trips around Salt Spring Island.  We will also be outfitting and packing for a canoe trip we are planning to the Yukon this summer.  Writing by Sarah & photography by Dwane.

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