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Raffi’s Owl Singalong – Music Review

April 16, 2016

One of the best parts of becoming a parent is getting to experience the things we loved as kids all over again. We want that innocence, that joy and that timelessness back again.  Or maybe we want a do over, to do it different, better, or as well, as our parents did.

When our first child starting crawling we put away all our vinyl to keep it safe, but we didn’t give up on music. We bought a lot of children’s music.  Since we haven’t kept up with the children’s music scene we started with and are still listing to the musicians I loved as children.

We introduced Molly to Raffi with all his old albums and by watching youtube videos of concerts from the 80s. We have several well listened to Raffi singalong CD’s in the car.  Our kids favourite is the Raffi “Animal Songs” compilation that has all his best songs about animals.  My favourite is his “Quiet Time” compilation album which helped me put them to sleep many nights.

Toddler at Raffi concert singalong

I was delighted when he put out a new album “Love Bug” last summer, his first in 12 years! We waited in line at the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market to make sure we could get a signed copy.  It was an album of new songs and it took a while to get to know them, but the more we listened to the album the more we enjoyed it.

When I learnt he put out another album less than 12 months later I didn’t hesitate to get a copy. The new album “Owl Singalong” was a joy from our first listen. In fact we had a hard time getting through the album because after the first song our daughter said “listen to that again”.  After listening to the first track “Owl Singalong” three times we finally got to listen to the second track “I’m Not Small” followed by another “listen to that again” request.

Owl Singalong album cover

Our favourite songs are “Owl Singalong” which is the first track that our 3 year old made us listen to over & over again. Even our non-verbal two year old was able to sing along with the owl hoot hoots.   Track two is “I’m Not Small” which resonates strongly with preschoolers who insist they are NOT little kids, they are big kids.  I watched Molly’s face as she listened to this song for the first time.  She was in awe that an adult was singing about one of the most pressing issues in her life.  “Somos El Barco” is a great song for us who love world music and it’s accessibility to children.  “Green Dream” was a catchy number with the kids and appealed to us with its environmental message.

After more than a week listening to the album we finally got to the end. A pleasant surprise was finding a new favourite in the last song “Abiyoyo”.  Abiyoyo is a Peter Segeer adaptation of an African folktale which starts with a story and goes into a song.  Raffi plays the ukelele and does a great job captivating my kids.  “Listen to that one again” says Molly over & over.

I was happy to read a Raffi interview that said he “already has his next album in mind” and he was “finding a lot of joy in making new music again”. We are excited that we can look forward to more Raffi albums and live concerts for our kids.

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  • sara Reply

    April 19, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    This album sounds so good. I think my kiddos would get a “hoot” out of the Owl Sounds song especially since we moved to the forest and lake. I like the sounds of Green Dream!

    • sarahcarty Reply

      April 20, 2016 at 6:39 am

      Hi Sara, I think your family would like this album. We don’t see owls around us but I’m sure they are around. And Green Dream could be the new theme song for Green Moms Collective! Have a nice day, Sarah

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