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Buying kids clothes for our rainy winters

January 19, 2016

The January when my daughter was 6 months old I took her up to Whistler for a long weekend.  Two things stick out in my memory from that trip.  The first was taking Molly snowshoeing on a trail between Whistler & Pemberton.  The trail around a lake had always seemed short, but in the deep snow all alone with my 6 month old I did have enough time to worry that maybe it wasn’t the right decision to bring Molly into the “bush”.  Amiss my worrying I reached back to touch Molly in her baby carrier only to discover that one of her boots had fallen off.  The sock had gone with it and in my hand was a tiny and very cold baby foot.  I rushed back down the trail looking for the boot and feeling like an awful mum.  The lesson learned was that I should go into the bush more prepared from now on that I was taking my child.  Warm clothes that fit right were important.

My second memory from that trip was stopping to visit a friend in Vancouver. As she looked at baby Molly in her big snow suit she commented that her children didn’t have winter clothes.   I suppressed my shock at this revelation.  I didn’t know how they made it through the winter.  Fast forward the following two winters with a second baby and then a 1 & 2 year old we didn’t buy winter clothes either.  It wasn’t a planned decision but with the seasons passing so fast and the kids growing every month it felt almost wasteful to spend money on clothes.

This year with our new intention to take the kids outside as much as possible  we decided to invest in some outdoor clothes for the kids. We took the kids to Mountain Equipment Co-op and went wild.  We bought fleece long sleeves, leggings, thicker pants, jackets, rain jackets & pants, mitts and wool hats.  We spent more money on that shopping trip than we had spent on kids clothes before.

Up to now we have been given used clothes by friends with older kids and even by people we hardly know. We have really appreciated all the free and/or cheap clothes we have received over the years.  Now that the kids aren’t growing so fast they are starting to wear out their clothes before they grow out of them and we are seeing less used clothes pass our way.

We do forget how much something cost and we appreciate having all the warm clothes. The kids love them, in fact I think that is all they have worn for the past month.  I’m hoping they will still fit next year (yes I know that is wishful thinking).  Hopefully they will at least fit for our summer trip to the Yukon, where we might experience some Arctic summer nights which feel more like our Pacific North West winter weather.  In the meantime our new outdoor winter clothes are helping us get outside and stay outside longer.



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