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Campfire Toasted Sandwiches

February 9, 2016

My husband is the cook in our family. He’s a fabulous cook although even he will admit that our food choices have declined since the kids started eating solid food.  It’s frustrating to make a nice dinner and then have two little kids turn their noses up to it.  Other times he makes “kid friendly” dinners and the two of us are the only ones who eat it anyways.  The kids seem to dislike dinner regardless of what he makes.  Still the challenge continues to find food they like.

Happily for all his first campfire meal was a smashing success. Here is the recipe:

Make a campfire. We like to use our new environmental fireplace.


Make a sandwich. This “recipe” works with any sandwich. Our current favourite is peanut butter and jam. Remember you may sacrifice the odd sandwich to the fire so bring extra! Sandwiches can be pre-made at home or, if you like extra sand and dirt, just bring the ingredients and add the crunchy spice!

Cook over the fire. We have a fire box with a grill top. Using the grill requires waiting for the fire to burn down to make coals. Since we are not patient enough we use a roasting stick. Cooking over a fire takes practice and I admit to burning quite a few sandwiches. At least there is finally a benefit to always eating last, by the last sandwich you should be expert at roasting to perfection!

Enjoy! Yum!


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